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fic: Take Control [02 Mar 2010|03:35pm]

Title: Take Control
Author: igrab
Pairing: Joe/Dex
Rating: R for violent imagery
Wordcount: ~16,000
Summary: "I spent six months in a Manchurian slave camp because of you. They were going to cut off my fingers!"
Notes: hello, dead fandom! i bring you fic of the epic variety. i owe everything to xtinethepirate and it's all her fault.

"Joseph Sullivan is dead."
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16 Sky Captain Icons... [16 Aug 2009|02:19pm]

20 Princess Leia Icons
16 Sky Captain Icons
08 V for Vendetta Icons



Please comment if you like what you see, and if you wish to take any, feel free- just remember to give credit.  If you're unsure about how to give credit for an icon, just check the profile of this community.  And please: no hotlinking.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the Icons:

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Click *here* to see my sources.

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60 Sky Captain Icons [16 Dec 2008|07:23pm]

60 Polly Perkins Icons



Please comment if you like what you see, and if you wish to take any, feel free- just remember to give credit.  If you're unsure about how to give credit for an icon, just check the profile of my community.  And please: no hotlinking.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the Icons:

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Click *here* to see my sources.
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[15 Sep 2005|08:28pm]

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Icons [22 May 2005|02:31pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm new here and I come bearing icons featuring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi, and Bai Ling in their roles in this fantastic film. I hope you enjoy them!


--Comment if you take
--Credit _lunargraphics_ or lunar__spawn in your keywords
--Textless Icons are NOT Bases

1. Image hosted by Photobucket.com 2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com 3.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)

[14 Apr 2005|01:38am]

I realize that Polly/Joe is probably the least popular pairing of all time (ironically, neh?), and I can almost see why. But I made this video all the same. I got to thinking about Polly and why she loves Joe in spite of her apparent contempt for him...and what stuck in my head the most was her unwillingness to let him die alone. I would propose that her love for El Capitan runs deep; much deeper than one might tend to give her credit for.

Across the Sky

P.S. I apologize for the quality...Windows Moviemaker, folks. What can ya do?
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Whee! Somewhere to Brag - uh, I Mean "Share My Happiness" ;) [11 Apr 2005|03:11pm]

I won't have pix of it on until I get to Costume Con in a couple of weeks because getting into it is a two-person job but... my Franky costume is finally done!

Don't mind the funky angle of the pic, I was trying to show the back of the jacket in the mirror. And I've since added lots of velcro to the gorget to get it to stay closer to the jacket.

If you're a masochist for details, I've got a costume diary here.
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Sky Captain Song Vid [03 Mar 2005|03:32pm]

Yay! Somebody made a song vid for Sky Captain!! ^________^

She doesn't have livejournal, but gave me permission to post the info to the vid here. I think it's a very *fun* vid -- you'll see why when you see it! If you like it, email Phoenix at to let her know, please. :)

Link: http://members.iinet.net.au/~sphinx/skycaptain.zip
Size: 10Mb
Codec: Xvid

If your standard video player won't play it (like mine o.o), you can download VLC (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) which plays almost anything (it's free) (it worked perfectly for me on VLC).

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New here! (and a drabble!) [27 Jan 2005|08:58pm]

Hey! Just stumbled across this community today and decided I had to join. I'm a huge Jude Law fan and I absolutely loved this movie.

I'm going to leave you with a link to a Sky Captain drabble I wrote. It's in the drabble_redux community, which is a drabble community for ANY fandom. It's fun - weekly challenges and everything.

Thanks for letting my poke my head in. I leave you with my drabble
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[27 Jan 2005|01:51pm]

10 Franz Ferdinand (riddled with Bob/Alex slashity things)
9 Morrissey
27 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
14 The Libertines


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[26 Jan 2005|12:56pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Ok, just have to day,

Ok, done now.

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New Icons [22 Jan 2005|02:27pm]


Comment, Credit, Etc.

Remember I do take requests!

[28]-Star Wars Various Episodes (3 Animated)
[2]-Sky Captain
[4]-In Good Company
[2]-That '70's Show
[1]-Topher Grace
[1]-Tobey Maguire
[1]-Life in Hell (1 Animated)


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Hooray for airships! [08 Jan 2005|11:28pm]


In case anyone shares an interest in airships, I have started a non-RPG airship community.


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[31 Dec 2004|01:17pm]

I'm a long-time fan of the 'Pulp' genre and really loved this movie.
Does anybody else here remember a television series called 'Tales of the Brass Monkey', which was about an American aviator in the South Pacific before WWII?
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Icons [14 Dec 2004|08:09pm]


New Icons!

Comment Credit Etc...

[1]-Peter Pan
[3]-Harry Potter
[5]-Crystal Balls
[2]-Shattered Glass
[3]-Sky Captain
[1]-Back to the Future
[1]-Ewan McGregor
[7]-Star Wars (Various Episodes)
[4]-Tobey Maguire


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[27 Nov 2004|11:09am]

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm selling my fanart of Polly Perkins on eBay this week. If you're interested in some Sky Captain fanart, please check out the auction!

On eBay
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New Icons [25 Nov 2004|11:18am]



Comment, Credit, Etc

[2]-Star Wars/Ewan McGregor(2 Animated, 1 request)
[2]-Down With Love
[2]-Back to the Future
[3]-The Incredibles
[1]-Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (1 request)
[1]-Peter Pan(1 request)
[8]-Futurama/Matt Groening(2 Honours, 1 animated)
[3]-Sky Captain(1 request)
[6]-That '70's Show(2 animated)
[4]-Topher Grace(4 request)


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New Icons [09 Nov 2004|05:39pm]

Got some new icons today. Take a look!

[2]-Johnny Depp
[11]-Star Wars (Episodes 2, 3 and 4)
[5]-Back to the Future (1 and 2)
[1]-Topher Grace
[1]-Tobey Maguire
[1]-Spider-man 2
[4]-Sky Captain


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heya [26 Oct 2004|09:40pm]

[ mood | cold ]

heya, i just thought i'd say hello. i just recently saw SCWOT with my friends for one of their birthdays, which involved the traditional playing of Cup before hand, but that's something different. i was planning on seeing it anyway with my dad, after all he was the one that exposed me to all the old saturday morning serials and such. but we never got around to seeing it before i went with my friends. oh man, i loved it. actually we all loved it haha. we're all Star Wars fans and Tolkienites as well so seeing a few..similiarities, heehee, that was quite fun. anyway, i'm also a music student studying, hopefully, in the field of film scores, so naturally i shot right over to the music store and bought the soundtrack which i also love. anyway, this is practically rambling about all the stuff i liked about the movie; the soundtrack, the acting, the photography, the humour, the planes (mmm, planes...). well, end of badly grammared (yes that's now a word) ramble about the movie haha.

(later edit)
oh, i forgot to ask, does anyone have any good Dex icons? i've been looking around and haven't found many, though the ones that i did see were really good, i was just wondering if there were others. i only have Paint and it's quite difficult to bend Paint to my will of making icons and i gave up some time ago.

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SNL & Behind the Scenes. [24 Oct 2004|11:58am]

Who caught Jude Law's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night? The Sky Captain bit was pretty funny ("Now bite at the fireball!")--Jude's expressions really carried that sketch.

In other news, I posted some Behind the Scenes caps (of Sky Captain, not SNL :-) here at jude_daily, if anyone's interested.
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