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heya, i just thought i'd say hello. i just recently saw SCWOT with my friends for one of their birthdays, which involved the traditional playing of Cup before hand, but that's something different. i was planning on seeing it anyway with my dad, after all he was the one that exposed me to all the old saturday morning serials and such. but we never got around to seeing it before i went with my friends. oh man, i loved it. actually we all loved it haha. we're all Star Wars fans and Tolkienites as well so seeing a few..similiarities, heehee, that was quite fun. anyway, i'm also a music student studying, hopefully, in the field of film scores, so naturally i shot right over to the music store and bought the soundtrack which i also love. anyway, this is practically rambling about all the stuff i liked about the movie; the soundtrack, the acting, the photography, the humour, the planes (mmm, planes...). well, end of badly grammared (yes that's now a word) ramble about the movie haha.

(later edit)
oh, i forgot to ask, does anyone have any good Dex icons? i've been looking around and haven't found many, though the ones that i did see were really good, i was just wondering if there were others. i only have Paint and it's quite difficult to bend Paint to my will of making icons and i gave up some time ago.
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